I have put my new hen Aura in with Eddy hoping for some lacewings. I just bought Aura maybe a month or so ago. I wasn't expecting the pair to bond so quickly. A couple days ago Aura started to get in and out of the nest. I thought she was just checking it out maybe not ever seeing a nest before. But I was wrong she was getting ready to lay her first clutch. She has laid one egg and Eddy has started feeding her. 

As for Billy and Annies chicks. The oldest chick is starting to get out of he nest but hasn't figured out how to get back in yet. The rest of their chicks are staying put for now. I have started to hand feed them and hand tame them.

Dusty and Bell have two chicks. One of their eggs was a dud and was tossed. Their chicks are doing great and growing fast. I'm not sure of their color yet but one looks light maybe a recessive pied and the other looks dark maybe normal or opaline.