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This blog is used to update any interested buyers about the progress of breeding. There will be updates on breeding, hatching, chicks, weaning etc. Please feel free to browse through the blog and see what is new at the aviary.

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Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Tuesday, January 25, 2011,
All birds are now just $10.00 

Due to the large number of chicks this past breeding season I have decided to have a sale. All birds are now the price of an untamed adult! just $10.00 This deal is half the price of a bird at the pet stores. This sale will go on as long as it has to. Look at the Birds For Sale page to see all the birds that are available. 

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Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Friday, January 21, 2011,
I have finally gotten the chance to load some photos. Enjoy

These are Zeus and Violet's newest clutch. An albino female, a spangle blue violet, a spangle dominant pied blue violet and a normal blue violet with a pied spot on it's head. What a clutch of personalities they all are. 

Here are a couple of males from Zeus and Violet. It's time for Violet to stop laying eggs she just seems to want to lay clutch after clutch. I will be putting her and Zeus in my flight cage for a wile they need a bre...

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Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Tuesday, January 4, 2011,
I have decided to stop breeding for the time being. I would like to cut my numbers back a bit and focus on taming all of my adults. As of right now I have six chicks for sale and four adults. The of the chicks are Zeus and Violet's. These chicks are 50% english and 50% American. There is one normal blue violet, a dominant pied spangle blue violet and a spangle blue violet. They will be ready to go home in about five weeks or so. The tree other chicks are from Dusty and Bell. They are all norm...
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