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This blog is used to update any interested buyers about the progress of breeding. There will be updates on breeding, hatching, chicks, weaning etc. Please feel free to browse through the blog and see what is new at the aviary.

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More updates

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Saturday, October 22, 2011,
Zeus and Violet's nest 
Violet had started to pick at Otis and Athena's chicks feathers so I decided to re home it into Petey and Stella's nest. 

Otis and Athena's nest
THey are laying on two eggs. This will be their second clutch. 

Dusty and Bell's nest
I can probably guess the four chicks color mutations but I will wait until their adult feathers totally come in before I's positive. Violet and Apollo's chick is a bright yellow. It looks like it is dominant pied, light green, greywing.

Eddy and Al...

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More eggs

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Thursday, October 20, 2011,
Otis and Athena's nest
Athena has started to lay her second clutch of the season. She only has one but I'm sure there will be more to come.

Eddy and Alba's nest

Alba is sitting on two eggs. Their could be a possible lacewing in this clutch as well. We will see.
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One new egg

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Tuesday, October 18, 2011,
Sadly the second chick died as well. I ended up talking to a vet and they told me they would have done exactly what I did. There wasn't much else I could have done.

Zeus and Violet's nest 
Otis and Athena's chick is huge. It may qualify as a full English depending on how it looks when it's feathers come in.

Otis and Athena's nest
No new eggs yet.

Dusty and Bell's nest
All five chick look great and are growing well.

Eddy and Alba's nest
Alba laid her second egg in the nest and she has been sitting on ...

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Back to eleven chicks

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Sunday, October 16, 2011,
Some of you may know I have been having a problem with a couple of the chicks. Sadly two of the chicks have ruptured their air sacks. This can happen when the male doesn't actually have any food digested to feed the chicks and feeds the chick air. The first chick died but the second is still making it. I have gotten the air out from under its skin so hopefully the second chick will make it.  

Zeus and Violet's nest 
Otis and Athena's chick is growing fast in Violet's nest. I have also put the s...

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Eleven chicks and two eggs

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Wednesday, October 12, 2011,
Zeus and Violet's nest
Violet is still taking great care of Otis and Athena's chick. I have also put Athena and Otis's last egg in Violet's nest. I listened to the egg this morning and it was trying to pick through the egg. Violet's last three eggs where over due and where duds so I took them out of the nest. I have also figured out who Violet bred with to have the yellow chick. The yellow chick looks like a dominant pied green grey wing. And the only green male that is split for grey wing is ...

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Growing chicks

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Sunday, October 9, 2011,
I have a sticky note on every nest with the lay date hatch date and color of each chick. If I end up moving chicks around I keep note of that as well. 

Zeus and Violet's yellow chick is doing great in Bell and Dusty's nest. Violet is also taking very good care of Athena and Otis's chick. It looks huge even though it isn't even a week old yet. It is going to be one big baby.

Otis and Athena's nest has two eggs still but one looks dark. So hopefully it will be hatching soon. 

Dusty and Bell's nest...

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Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Tuesday, October 4, 2011,

I took a good look at Zeus and Violet's chick and the chick has yellow pin feathers. It looks like Violet had been fooling around with one of the green/yellow males before I put her in the breeding cage. Because neither Zeus or Violet have green/yellow genes.

I have decided to move some of the chicks around so the highest number of chicks will survive. Sadly Athena and Otis's first chick got out of the egg but it didn't survive. Athena and Otis's second chick hatched today. I have decided to p...

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More chicks

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Monday, October 3, 2011,
Zeus and Violet 
It looks like Zeus and Violet may only have one chick this round. The eggs look dark but it has been about a week. Their only chick is growing fast and looks huge compared to the other chicks.  

Otis and Athena
I just peeked in the nest and there was a small hole in one of the eggs. I could hear a little peeping coming from the egg. So tomorrow there should be a chick in the box.

Dusty and Bell
Surprise. There are two chicks in the nest now. One must have hatched yesterday and the...

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