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This blog is used to update any interested buyers about the progress of breeding. There will be updates on breeding, hatching, chicks, weaning etc. Please feel free to browse through the blog and see what is new at the aviary.

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Weaned chicks, second clutches and one first clutch

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Wednesday, October 24, 2012,
The chicks are doing very well. Today I moved all the chicks along with my new full English addition Aura to my flight cage. All the chicks have been weaned and are almost ready to go to their new homes. Three of my hens have started to lay eggs again. Stella has started laying a second clutch and now has one egg. Bell is on her second clutch and has three eggs. And last but not least Annie has laid her first clutch and has four eggs and two chicks.

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Weaning the chicks

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Sunday, October 14, 2012,
All the chicks are now being weaned. Their parents have stopped feeding them. This makes for some unhappy chicks that are very loud. I'm starting to give the chicks seed when I bring the out everyday. This way they learn to eat seeds quicker. 
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More photos of the chicks

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Wednesday, October 3, 2012,
They grow so fast. A couple of the chicks still have some baby fluff to cover but most of them look like big birds now.

Petey and Stella's chicks

Otis and Athena's chicks

Dusty and Ball's chicks

Eddy and Alba's chicks
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