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This blog is used to update any interested buyers about the progress of breeding. There will be updates on breeding, hatching, chicks, weaning etc. Please feel free to browse through the blog and see what is new at the aviary.

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Aura and Eddy's second clutch

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Friday, February 22, 2013,
Aura and Eddy now have five eggs. I checked them tonight and one of them has a grey line around it. That little grey line marks the long journey the tiny chick inside will take. It takes the chick a couple days to break through the shell. I'm still hoping for a lacewing. Heres to crossing my fingers and toes. 
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Eddy and Aura's second clutch

Posted by Bridget Wheeler on Sunday, February 10, 2013,
Their first clutch has been sold. Now it's time for a second. Aura is now sitting on three eggs. After this clutch they will be taking a well deserved break. 
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