Some of you may know I have been having a problem with a couple of the chicks. Sadly two of the chicks have ruptured their air sacks. This can happen when the male doesn't actually have any food digested to feed the chicks and feeds the chick air. The first chick died but the second is still making it. I have gotten the air out from under its skin so hopefully the second chick will make it.  

Zeus and Violet's nest 
Otis and Athena's chick is growing fast in Violet's nest. I have also put the surviving chick with the ruptured air sac in Violet's nest as well. It wont have as much competition for food. 

Otis and Athena's nest
Neither of them has left the nest for very long so maybe they will lay more eggs soon. 

Dusty and Bell's nest
The first chick with a ruptured air sac was the youngest from Dusty and Bell's clutch. So they now have four of their own chicks and are still taking great care of Violet and Apollo's chick. it looks like They are going to have a couple recessive pied chicks but we will see. 

Eddy and Alba's nest
Alba must have laid her first egg last night. I found it of the bottom of the cage cracked. She has learn to lay her eggs in the nest. She has been in the nest since she laid her first egg.

Horus and Ginger's nest
She has been in and out of the nest and begging Horus for food. 

Petey and Stella's nest
Their youngest chick is the second chick with an air sac problem and is now in Violet's nest. Their other four chicks are doing great. I think one is going to be cinnamon. 

So we are back to eleven chicks and the rest of the eggs seem to be duds they all should have been hatched by now.