Zeus/prince and Violet's chicks are doing great. The first is a grey dominant pied this is prince's chick it is significantly smaller than the other chicks. The second is huge compared to the first. It's a sky blue violet dominant pied spangle. I got excited when I say it's wing feathers coming in, I thought I had a half sider but his wings are just different. One is 50% marked and the other just has a couple markings. The third chick is what I was waiting for a little albino girl. I will be keeping her to breed with my normal green males that is split for cinnamon and ino. I'm hoping they will produce lacewings when they are mature. And last but not least the fourth chick is a sky blue spangle. 

Willow and Storms chick is doing great he is almost ready to go to his new home. He has been feeding himself for a wile now and he rarely gets into the nest any more.

Dusty and Bell have four eggs so far I'm hoping for some nice blue chicks from them.

As for weaned chicks I still have a bunch to choose from. I also have a couple adults for sale.