Eddy and Alba's nest

#1 is Dusty and Ball's chick
Normal,blue,pied spot
He is now perching like an adult bird. 

#2 is either Eddy and Alba's or Petey and Stella's chick 
It can get out of the nest but can't get back in yet.

#3 is Eddy and Alba's chick 
Spangle,dominant pied,cinnamon,blue,violet
She is still content in the nest.

#4 is Eddy and Alba's chick 
This one tries to get out of the nest but just can't yet. When I take the chicks out this chick thinks even it's siblings should feed it.

Billy and Annie's nest

They still have three chicks and two eggs. The three chicks are still pink with little chick fluff pocking through. They look huge for their age. I think these mix chicks are going to be big.