All six chicks are doing well. They are starting to eat on their own. They all know how to get in and out of the nests but seem to be more content out sitting with their parents. I have decided to keep the opaline cinnamon yellow face type two hen. In the future I would like to breed lacewings. The lacewing mutation is a mix between ino (albino or lutino) and cinnamon. The result is a yellow or white bird with red eyes and brown wing markings. Some lacewings even have color on their bodys as well. The aim is to get a chick with strong cheek patches and dark cinnamon markings. I like the white lacewings better than the yellow so I think that's what I will be breeding for. It is difficult to produce a lacewing chick with out lacewing parents just because of the way genes work. So it will take many generations and a lot of work but that is my new goal for the aviary.
As for Storm and Willows chick it is doing great. It is starting to feather out nicely. It still looks like a ball of fluff though. My guess is it will be a normal blue budgie.