Otis and Athena's nest
Their first egg has hatched. After I cleaned her nest for the first time she wasn't sitting on her eggs. After she wasn't feeding her chick anymore I decided to rehome their chick and eggs into Violet's nest. 

Zeus and Violet's nest
Violet is sitting on six of her eggs and four of Athena and Otis's eggs. Athena and Otis's first chick is getting big. It's eyes are now open and it's starting to get its pin feathers in. One of the eggs has hatched and the oldest chick is so much larger so I'm going to smaller the chicks into Alba's nest once they hatch.

Dusty and Bell's nest
Bell is sitting on two chicks and five eggs.

Eddy and Alba's nest
Alba is sitting on one more egg and is taking care of three of her chicks, two have red eyes and one has dark eyes. She is also sitting on one of the chicks that was in Violet's nest. I will be able to tell if the chick is Violet and Zeus's chick or Athena and Otis's chick once it gets larger.

Petey and Stella's nest
They are both sitting on five eggs still.

I hope that isn't to confusing to understand