Another one of Grace and Apollo's chicks passed soon after hatching. They only have two and they seem to be doing great. I think the problem was the age difference between the two oldest chicks and the two youngest. They where about a week apart and hens always feed the largest and strongest chicks first. The oldest chick looks like it's going to be normal green. The second one is going to be dominant pied green.

Stella and Dusty's chicks are flourishing. it looks like the oldest is going to be dark blue yellow face type two. the two middle chicks look like they will be a light blue. and the fourth may be a light blue yellow face type two. I also think all of them will be opaline because both Stella and Dusty are opaline.

Storm and Willow's three eggs are going to hatch this week!

La fiesta still hasn't laid an egg yet but by the size of her droppings she will be in the next couple of days.