Well a lot has happened at the aviary. I only have two chicks left from Horus and Gingers clutch. One albino and one lutino. They are great little chicks they love to be around people. If you are interested in either of these chicks please contact me.
As for Prince and Violet. Their chicks are doing just fine. The two oldest chicks know how to get in and out of the cage. I think they are also eating by themselves but I haven't caught them actually eating yet. The two youngest know how to get out but not how to get back in. Their coloring surprised me. Most of them are grey wings. I didn't know that Prince was split for grey wing. Well I guess now I know right. So the chicks color mutations are...
#1 Dominant pied violet
#2 Dominant pied grey wing violet grey
#3 Normal grey wing violet
#4 Normal grey wing violet grey
Apollo and Liberty's chicks are also doing well. The two oldest chicks know how to get out of the nest but they don't know how to get back in yet. The chicks mutations are...
#1 Normal medium green
#2 Normal Medium green
#3 Light green grey wing
La fiesta has sadly lost her mate. Diego passed away about a week ago. He didn't show any signs of illness and La fiesta and the chicks are doing fine. She is doing a great job as a single mom. Every time I look at the chick it has a full belly. The chick is starting to get it's adult feathers. Just from the pin feathers it looks like a rainbow to me.
Willow and Storm have four eggs in the nest. They should be starting to hatch next week.
Horus and Ginger have decided to lay a second clutch. This happens when the conditions are right. The hen and cock haven't come out of breeding condition yet. So they have four eggs and one little chick. It's an ino chick. It has red eyes, so I'm not sure if it will be white or yellow but I know we have a female.