La fiesta and Diego have three eggs. I candled them today and all three are fertile. Now we will se if they hatch in the coming weeks. Storm and Willows eggs where duds but they are taking cage of four out of the five of Horus and Ginger's chicks. Prince and Violet have five chicks all of their eggs have hatched. We will see if all of the chicks make it. There is about a week between the oldest and youngest chick. This sometimes makes it hard for the smaller chicks to survive. Apollo and Liberty have two chicks and one egg to go.
As for Horus and Ginger's chicks they are starting to get out of the nest. The youngest male found the food dish today. I'm not sure if he was actually eating though. It looked like he was trying to get into a safe small place. He can't climb or jump up to the nest yet.