The chicks are starting to show their true colors. I'm going to take a guess on what most of the chicks mutations are going to be. 

Pettey and Stella's nest Any ino (albino and lutinos) or cinnamon chicks will be females. But not all females are cinnaon and ino.
#1 Lutino maybe lacewing
#2 Normal, blue violet 
#3 Blue series I can just see that this chick has white pin feathers.
#4 Green series I can see yellow pin feathers.

Athena and Otis
#1 I think their first chick is dominant pied.
#2 and #3 The two younger chicks will be blue series but I'm not sure of the wing pattern yet.

Dusty and Bell's nest All opalines will be females and all chicks that aren't opaline are males.
#1 Opaline, blue, violet Female I'm still not positive on her body color.
#2 Normal, grey, violet Male 
#3 Yellow face type two, recessive pied, maybe opaline not sure yet.
#4 Recessive pied, blue series. I'm not sure of the chicks body color and it may be opaline.
#5 This chick is a white series. It has lighter wing markings and lighter eyes. I'm guessing it is a cinnamon opaline.

Eddy and Alba's nest 
#1 Albino maybe lacewing not sure of their gender yet.
#2 Albino maybe lacewing not sure of their gender.
#3 Lutino maybe lacewing not sure of gender yet.
#4 I know this chick is a green series because of it's yellow flight feathers. It also has lighter wing patter. I'm guessing it's either spangled or cinnamon.
#5 Blue series. I think it's a normal.