Willow and Violet are doing well. Willow has been feeding Violet and Violet has been sitting on her eggs none stop. They now have four eggs. 2/282011 3/2/2011 3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Prince and Stella have four eggs. Prince has been guarding the nest and Stella is on the eggs 24/7 2/27/2011 3/1/2011 3/3/2011 3/5/2011

Horus and Ginger Are also doing great. They have four eggs and Ginger is now sitting on them. 3/1/2011 3/3/2011 3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Dusty and Bell are still in and out of the nest. They still have two eggs but I'm expecting more in the nest couple days. 2/28/2011 3/2/2011

Apollo and La fiesta have laid two eggs. They are still in and out of the nest and Apollo loves to get in the nest and keep La fiesta company. 3/5/2011 3/6/2011

Zeus and Athena still don't have any eggs. I'm still hopeful. They are getting along and sit next to each other all the time. Maybe they just need more time. Some pairs take months to fully bond. So I'm in for the long hall.