Zeus and Violet's nest
Violet is still taking great care of Otis and Athena's chick. I have also put Athena and Otis's last egg in Violet's nest. I listened to the egg this morning and it was trying to pick through the egg. Violet's last three eggs where over due and where duds so I took them out of the nest. I have also figured out who Violet bred with to have the yellow chick. The yellow chick looks like a dominant pied green grey wing. And the only green male that is split for grey wing is Apollo. 

Otis and Athena's nest 
I have placed their chick and last egg in Violet's nest.

Dusty and Bell's nest 
They have five chicks of their own along with one egg left. Violet's yellow chick sticks out like a sore thumb but he fits right in with the clutch. Bell has taken it in as her own.

Eddy and Alba's nest
The nesting material has been moved around a lot. But I haven't seen them breeding yet. 

Horus and Ginger's nest
Ginger has been in and out of the nest so she may be laying more eggs soon. 

Petey and Stella's nest
I think the chick that passed was the red eyed chick. So no inos or lacewings this time around. It does look like the three oldest chicks have white tail feathers. That just means that Petey is split for blue. So in future clutches he can produce blue and albino chicks.