Eddy and Alba's nest
#1 is Dusty and Ball's chick
The chick looks like a big bird now. He is vary nice cobalt single factor violet color.

#2 is either Eddy and Alba's or Petey and Stella's chick 
The lutino chick has stayed lutino. There isn't any cinnamon markings.

#3 is Eddy and Alba's chick 
The spangle chick also looks like she is dominant pied, she maybe cinnamon and her body color looks grey. When she was still pink I thought her eyes looks a little plum.

#4 is Eddy and Alba's chick 
The little pink chick is starting to get it's pin feathers and it maybe a normal blue. We will see.

Billy and Annie's nest
Their first chick hatched a couple days ago. They have been feeding the chick so I'm hoping they keep it up. Sometimes new pairs don't know what to do with chicks. It doesn't seem like this will be a problem with Billy and Annie. They have four eggs to go.