Eddy and Aura's chicks are all grown up. They had four chicks and their last egg was a dud. They had three cinnamon males, one grey/green and two greys. I have decided to keep their female chick in hopes she is a lacewing. She is showing light baring and light grey body color. Her name is Quartz and I'm planning on breeding her with my new arrival Echo. Echo is a cinnamon, violet english I recently bought.

Aura is now laying her third clutch of eggs. The pair is very healthy but I'm not going to let them raise another clutch, it may be too much for them. So I'm planning to take their eggs and rehome them with Otis and Athena. Athena has been in and out of the nest more often and she is a great candedent to foster a clutch.

As for Billy and Annie along with Petty and Henna both pairs have been spending more time in their nest boxes. I'm hoping they will also start to lay their first clutches of the season soon.