Sadly one of the dark eyed chicks passed when it was a very young. Sometimes chicks pass when they have used all their energy getting out of the egg. On the up side the chicks are now five weeks old. The three girls are getting out of the nest frequently now. The lutino female is the only one that still needs help getting back into the nest. The male has stayed in the nest most of the time to stay away from the noise of his sisters. They are doing great and will be ready to go home in about three weeks. Here is a list of the chicks lay date, hatch date mutation and gender.

4/11/13- 4/28/13 albino female

4/13/13 - 4/30/13 normal grey green male

4/15/13 - 5/3/13 cinnamon single factor violet female

4/16/13 - 5/4/13 lutino female