I have a sticky note on every nest with the lay date hatch date and color of each chick. If I end up moving chicks around I keep note of that as well. 

Zeus and Violet's yellow chick is doing great in Bell and Dusty's nest. Violet is also taking very good care of Athena and Otis's chick. It looks huge even though it isn't even a week old yet. It is going to be one big baby.

Otis and Athena's nest has two eggs still but one looks dark. So hopefully it will be hatching soon. 

Dusty and Bell's nest like I said Violet's yellow chicks is doing great in it's foster nest. Dusty and bell also have four chicks of their own to take care of. 

Alba and Eddy are bonded and I caught Alba moving around the nesting materials today.

Horus and Ginger may have more eggs after all. I saw that she was in her nest today.

Petey and Stella's sadly lost one of their chicks. But they still have four chicks. I'm waiting for them to open their eyes