There are many more chicks then there are eggs now. In all I have 14 chicks and 4 eggs to go. I also have two pairs that haven't started laying eggs yet. I'm not sure why Billy and Annie aren't laying yet. They usually lay with the rest of the flock. I'm waiting to see if Zeus and Willa bond. Sometimes it takes a long time and sometimes you just have to admit defeat. 

Stella and Petey have four chicks. One has red eyes and the other three have dark eyes. All four of their eggs ended up hatching. Now they have to feed all of their hungry mouths. 

Athena and Otis are both sitting on their three eggs. I have candled them and they are all fertile. They haven't had the greatest track record with feeding their chicks but we will see what happens. In the past I have had to take their chicks and rehome them into another hen's nest. But maybe this time they will get the hang of it. 

Bell and Dusty have 5 chicks and one egg left. I have candled the egg and it is fertile. It should be hatching within the next couple of days. I think it is safe to say Bell and Dusty are my best breeding pair. They work very well together. Bell lays the most eggs out of my hens and they have both taken care of my largest clutch seven. They are both great at taking in any stray chicks if need be. 

Athena and Eddy have five chicks. Three of the chicks have red eyes and the other two have dark eyes. All of their eggs hatched now they just need to take care of their clutch.