Zeus and Violet 
It looks like Zeus and Violet may only have one chick this round. The eggs look dark but it has been about a week. Their only chick is growing fast and looks huge compared to the other chicks.  

Otis and Athena
I just peeked in the nest and there was a small hole in one of the eggs. I could hear a little peeping coming from the egg. So tomorrow there should be a chick in the box.

Dusty and Bell
Surprise. There are two chicks in the nest now. One must have hatched yesterday and the other today. 

Eddy and Alba
They seem to be bonding nicely. Both have been clicking beaks , feeding each other and jumping around. It seems like they are excited about something but they don't know what they are suppose to be doing yet. Maybe next round they will lay some eggs.  

Horus and Ginger
May or may not have more eggs this Fall/Winter but we will see.

Petey and Stella
They now have four chicks! Still crossing my fingers for a lacewing.