Zeus and Violet's nest 
Violet had started to pick at Otis and Athena's chicks feathers so I decided to re home it into Petey and Stella's nest. 

Otis and Athena's nest
THey are laying on two eggs. This will be their second clutch. 

Dusty and Bell's nest
I can probably guess the four chicks color mutations but I will wait until their adult feathers totally come in before I's positive. Violet and Apollo's chick is a bright yellow. It looks like it is dominant pied, light green, greywing.

Eddy and Alba's nest
Alba is now sitting on three eggs. I'm so excited to see if they are fertile or not. 

Horus and Ginger's nest
No new eggs here yet. But I have seen Ginger getting in and out of the nest more frequently. 

Petey and Stella's nest
Their three chicks are doing great. But two of their chicks color mutations are confusing me. I'm going to wait until their adult feathers totally come in but one of them looks like a half sider and the other has strange yellow flecking on one side of it's head. I guess we will see.