Horus and Ginger's chicks are growing up fast as always. The oldest chick has learned how to get in and out of the nest. She also has found the food dish. The other two think the nest is their safe haven and haven't ventured out just yet. 

Willow and Storm's chicks are feathering out nicely. They still have a bunch of baby fluff left though. One is recessive pied and the other is normal grey violet and may even be opaline. 

Prince decided he had had enough feeding Violet so I gave him a break and put in Zeus instead. Violet had laid a couple eggs before I put Zeus in but after a couple days she started laying again. So I guess we will see who the father is when the chicks adult feathers come in. In all they have three chicks and I think the third one is an albino. Zeus is split for albino so I think we know who she is from. But we will see about the others later on.