Sadly the second chick died as well. I ended up talking to a vet and they told me they would have done exactly what I did. There wasn't much else I could have done.

Zeus and Violet's nest 
Otis and Athena's chick is huge. It may qualify as a full English depending on how it looks when it's feathers come in.

Otis and Athena's nest
No new eggs yet.

Dusty and Bell's nest
All five chick look great and are growing well.

Eddy and Alba's nest
Alba laid her second egg in the nest and she has been sitting on it. We will see if we get any chicks out of their first clutch. 

Horus and Ginger's nest
No new eggs here either.

Petey and Stella's nest
Their three remaining chicks are doing great and haven't shown any signs of air sac rupture.

So to recap there are nine chicks and one egg. I have started taking the chicks out of the nest and getting them use to human interaction. I will post some photos when the chicks get their adult feathers.