I have finally gotten the chance to load some photos. Enjoy

These are Zeus and Violet's newest clutch. An albino female, a spangle blue violet, a spangle dominant pied blue violet and a normal blue violet with a pied spot on it's head. What a clutch of personalities they all are. 

Here are a couple of males from Zeus and Violet. It's time for Violet to stop laying eggs she just seems to want to lay clutch after clutch. I will be putting her and Zeus in my flight cage for a wile they need a break.  
 These are Dusty and Bell's clutch. All males. One is a normal yellow face type two grey violet the other three are normal blue violets with a pied spot on the back of their heads. Not sure where the spot is coming from. I think one of the parents is split for recessive pied maybe. 
 Well everything seem to be going well here. This breeding season is dyeing down. I still have chicks and adults for sale. If you are ever interested in any of them contact me.