It's time to start up the breeding program for the fall season. I usually put the fall breeding pairs in their separate cages around mid summer. This way they can get use to their new surroundings and get ready to mate. This is also a good time to introduce new breeding pairs. This way they have time to bond before the rest of the flock starts to breed.

Now that I have slimed the flock down a bit all six pairs can breed at once. This season I'm going to be introducing one new breeding pair Zeus and Willa. Zeus has fathered many chicks in the past but this will be Willa's first breeding season. I'm hopeful that they will become a bonded pair and produce more American English mixes. The other five pairs have bonded in the past and will be ready to mate.

I'm still hoping for the elusive lacewing mutation from a couple of my pairs. Both Petey and Stella along with Eddy and Alba have the genes necessary to produce lacewings. Other mutations I always look forward to seeing form my pairs are...

normals, opalines, dominant pieds, recessive pieds, spangles, cinnamons, greens, blues, greys, violets, yellow face type twos, albinos, lutinos, lacewings and a vast combination of many of these mutations

You can check out the My Birds page and see each birds photo along with a list of the color mutations each pair can produce. If you are interested in being put on the waiting list for the falls hand fed chicks please call at (603) 774-7322 or e-mail me at