We are well into the second round of chicks during the spring going into summer season.

Violet and Zeus ended up with two female chicks. One albino that I’m keeping. Her name is Ruby and the other chick is a dominant pied, recessive pied, blue violet. Both chicks had to be placed with foster hens because Violet started to peck them as soon as their adult feathers started to grow in.

And they didn’t stop there. They soon laid another clutch of five chicks. And like the first clutch Violet plucked the chicks as well. I have asked around and people have said that she does this because she wants to lay another clutch and she doesn’t think the chicks are getting out of the nest soon enough. So the chicks are with foster hens and Violet and Zeus are in the flight cage resting.

Athena and Otis are in a breeding cage still. They have been flirting and feeding each other. Athena has been spending more and more time in her nest box and her droppings have increased in size. So I’m crossing my fingers.

Stella and prince had three chicks or their own and they took in one of Violet and Zeus’s fosters. They had one male an opaline, grey violet and two females both where normal blue violets. They are on their second clutch with three of their own chicks and two of Violet and Zeus’s.

Ginger and Horus had two little chicks of their own along with one of violet and Zeus‘s foster chicks. One lutino female and one normal green male split for cinnamon and ino who I’m keeping. His name is Eddy. Ginger laid a second clutch but decided to eat her eggs early on. She does make a great foster mom for three of Violet and Zeus’s chicks. She has started to lay more eggs but we will see how that goes.

Dusty and Bell had four chicks. All different in their own way. They had two male and two females. The boys one normal blue like Bell and the other yellow face, normal blue grey. The girls one opaline, yellow face, cinnamon blue violet and the other opaline, cinnamon blue violet.

Dusty and Bell now have the largest clutch I have ever bred seven chicks in all and all are happy and healthy.

La fiesta and Apollo’s chicks didn’t make it. I had La fiesta checked out because all of there chick have had strange feather that break easy and don’t live very long. Maybe a form of French molt or something completely different. When I first bought her she also had something wrong with her tail and flight feathers they looked very similar to her chicks but it cleared after her first molt. Well all the labs came back normal so it must be something in her genes. So La fiesta is now retired.

I will put some photos of the new chicks up when they all get their adult feathers in.