Zeus and Violet's nest 
Violet is laying on four eggs. I will definitely know who the father of the chicks are now. Violet and Apollo's only chick can get in and out of Bell's next. He can also perch with ease.

Otis and Athena's nest
Athena is also laying more eggs. She has eight eggs. Otis spends most of his time sitting right nest to her in the nest box.

Dusty and Bell's nest
#1 Opaline,Grey,Violet
#2 Recessive pied,Yellow face type two,Grey
#3 Normal, Blue,Violet with a pied spot on it's head
#4 Recessive pied Yellow face type two,Blue
Violet and Apollo's only chick is Full color greywing, Dominant pied,Green

Eddy and Alba's nest
Alba didn't know what to do with her eggs so she threw them out of the nest breaking them all. But she has been laying more. As of right now she has two eggs.

Horus and Ginger's nest
She hasn't laid any more eggs.

Petey and Stella's nest
All of Petey and Stella's chicks have been getting out of the nest but they can't get back in. Athena and Otis's chick hasn't tried just yet. He looks massive but he is still a young chick. I'm not sure about chick #1 and #3's mutations. They are both blue violets with yellow flecks through their heads and bodys. The yellow makes their blue violet look greenish. So I'm going to assume they are going to be yellow face type two. So does that mean that Petey is Yellow face type two? Also the #3 chick looks like a very heavily marked recessive pied. The patterning on one of his wings looks dusty like the patterning of a recessive pied. So I'm guessing that both Stella and Petey are split for recessive pied. I'll post pics soon.
#1 Opaline,Yellow face type two,Blue,Violet
#2 Opaline,Blue,Violet
#3 Recessive pied,Yellow face type two,blue,violet
Otis and Athena's only chick is a Normal,Blue