Eddy and Alba's nest

#1 is Dusty and Ball's chick
Normal, blue, pied spot on the top of his head
He has gotten out of the nest. He perched outside the nest trying to beg for food.

#2 is either Eddy and Alba's 
The lutino chick has gotten out of the nest. It doesn't know how to perch yet. It was scared in the corner of the cage. I put it back in the nest. Ever since then every time I cover the birds at night the chicks scream. 

#3 is Eddy and Alba's chick 
Spangle, cinnamon, dominant pied, violet, blue
She is content in the nest.

#4 is Eddy and Alba's chick 
The youngest chick of the clutch is a normal blue chick. I think it has the largest head of the clutch.

Billy and Annie's nest

They now have three little pink chicks and two eggs to go. None of them have pink eyes. Maybe Billy didn't get the Albino gene from his dad.