I have four chicks with red eyes. I can't tell if any are lacewing or not just yet and I may not be able to tell for a while. Some of them may also be spangled or dominant pied. Both mutations won't have tail cinnamon markings. But heres to hoping.

Athena and Otis's three eggs hatched. The chicks all have had full crops every morning. So I'm glad to say I won't have to worry about rehoming the chicks. At least thats how it looks right now. 

Bell and Dusty have one more egg but I don't think it's going to hatch. I will give it a couple more days. If it doesn't hatch this will be the only egg that didn't hatch out of all the eggs this season. 

 So for the final chicks count...
Petey and Stella 4 
Otis and Athena 3
Dusty and Bell 5 chicks 1 egg
Eddy and Alba 5