The egg count is now up to seventeen. I'm wondering how many eggs are fertile and how many chicks will develop. I only will candle the eggs when the last egg is five days old. 

Bell has 6 eggs in her nest. Bell is sitting on her eggs almost 24/7 now. She only gets out to relieve herself. Dusty is also in the nest close to 24/7. He chats with her all day long.

Stella now has 4 eggs. She is also now in her nest most of the time. Petey checks in on her to see what she is up to. But he usually spends his time sitting on one of the perches. 
Alba has 5 eggs. She has also determined the nest is the best place for her. Eddy is also a stand off parent. Only looking in on her to feed her. 

Athena has 2 eggs. She isn't sitting on her eggs all the time just yet. But usually when I go to look at the eggs Athena and Otis usually jump in the nest and don't want to get out. This can make it difficult to see how many eggs she has laid. 

Annie hasen't laid any eggs yet. I'm not sure if she is in breeding condition. Hopefully the other hens being in condition will rub off on her. 

I haven't seen any bonding behavior from Willa. Zeus has been chattering like he wants to flirt but he hasn't gotten up the courage to try and bond.