I still have three birds up for sale. Thoes three females will still be $10.00 each. But the chicks from the upcoming clutches will be regularly priced. Check the price on the home page. But I have decided to start the spring breeding season. I have put five pair into the breeding cages. I have decided to out both of my English budgies Zeus and Athena together again to see if they will bond. They sit next to each other but no flirting yet. It is tricky because Athena's cere has never changed so I can't tell when she comes into breeding season. But most of the birds just got out of a molt and that's usually when they start breeding. I also have Dusty and Bell paired up they have had one clutch together. Dusty is turning himself inside out practically and Bell had ventured into her nest. Apollo and La fiesta have been flirting as well so I put them together. Prince and Stella have also been flirting none stop. Horus and Ginger have been sitting next to each other and preening I would love to get another normal male split for cinnamon and ino from them. I'm hoping for a successful breeding season. And everything looks promising.