Well it must almost be spring because the boys are flirting up a storm. So I put my four remaining pairs in their breeding cages. yesterday Eddy and Aura started off the pack early. They are now on their second clutch and have four chicks and one egg. Their second chick has red eyes and I'm hoping for my first lacewing. Otis and Athena and Billy and Annie have been bonded and have had chicks prior to this season. It usually doesn't take long for them to get into the nest boxes. Then there is my wild card pair Zazu and Zira. I just adopted them about a month or so ago. They haven't bred before and they aren't a bonded pair yet. Their chicks should be florescent both are very brightly colored. Lastly Pete is an experienced male and has fathered many of my chicks. Henna is one of the chicks I raised form a chick and I'm hoping they will become another pair that will produce lacewings for me. The waiting game begins. It will be a couple weeks before the chicks show off their true colors and about a month or so until I expect more eggs. Here we go again.