I have starting to move down the waiting so if you are on it please check your e-mails and phone messages. The chicks are all feathered out and I have to say this season produced a rainbow of colors and personalities. I have decided to keep two female chicks. One albino and another opaline, violet. 

Otis and Athena's chick is a American English mix attachment.php

 #1 Dominant pied, spangle, blue Male 

Eddy and Alba's chicks are American English mix attachment.php

                                                                                                                                                                            #1 Normal, green Male

#2 Lutino Male

#3 Lutino Male

#4 Dominant pied, spangle, blue female

Dusty and Bell's chicks are American $30.00 each attachment.php

#1 Recessive pied, yellow face type two, grey Male

#2 Recessive pied, opaline, yellow face type two, grey Female

#3 Opaline, yellow face type two, cinnamon, blue, violet Female

#4 Normal, blue, violet, yellow face type two, pied spot on the back of his head, Male

#5 Opaline, blue ,violet Female

#6 Opaline, blue ,violet Female

#7 Opaline, yellow face type two, blue, violet Female

Petey and Stella attachment.php

#1 Opaline, green Male

#2 Albino

#3 Opaline, green Female

#4 Opaline, green Female

#5 Albino Female