Violet and Price's and Apollo and Liberty's chicks are all grown up now. They are beautiful little birds. They are still a little timid about getting out of the cage but once they are out they are all well behaved. I have five for sale...

1 dominant pied violet
2 dominant pied grey wing grey violet
3 normal grey wing grey violet
4 also a normal grey wing grey violet
5 normal medium green

If you are interested in any of these chicks please contact me. 

As for the young chicks, Horus and Ginger have three little lutino girls (yellow with red eyes) I started hand feeding them this week. They all seem happy and healthy chicks. Willow and Storm have two little ones. I'm not sure of their color yet. They are still pink. They have started to get some fluff. Violet and Prince have another clutch of eggs as well. Just two eggs. I haven't candled them yet but I have my fingers crossed.