Spring breeding season has arrived.  Zeus and Athena aren't overly flirtatious towards each other. But they are now sitting next to each other all the time except when Athena is perched on the nest box stand.
Dusty and Bell have one egg. It was laid 2/28/2011 Bell is sitting on the egg and Dusty has been feeding her none stop.
Prince and Stella have two eggs. The first laid 2/27/2011 and the second today 3/1/2011 Stella has been sitting on the eggs and Prince is guarding the nest.
Horus and Ginger have one egg. It was laid today 3/1/2011 Ginger is still in and out of the nest. She usually waits until she has a couple eggs to sit on them 100^ of the time.
I have put Willow and Violet in a breeding cage. they have one egg. it was laid 2/28/2011 Violet has been in the nest box from the time I put the pair in the breeding cage.
I will be candling the eggs when the last one is about five days old so this could take a wile. Five eggs all together! and many more to come.