Well this breeding season didn't exactly go as planed. There where four breeding pairs that produced a total of sixteen eggs. From those eggs eleven where fertile. It looks like there will be a great turn out. But then the hens came out of breeding condition to fast. When this happens then hens can stop sitting on their eggs and taking care of their chicks. At this time there where four of Willow and Storm eggs that hatched. As Storm came out of breeding condition she stopped caring for her chicks. Realizing Storm was no longer taking care of her chicks I had to place the chick in Violet's care. Violet was the only hen that hadn't come out of breeding condition. Sadly three of the chicks passed away leaving me with only one chick. I have heard that a couple bird breeders in the area have had the same problem this year. I'm assuming it was the oddly warm weather followed by a cold snap. All I can hope for is a better season this spring. Here is a photo of the chick. It seems to be a yellow recessive pied with teal body feathers.