I took a good look at Zeus and Violet's chick and the chick has yellow pin feathers. It looks like Violet had been fooling around with one of the green/yellow males before I put her in the breeding cage. Because neither Zeus or Violet have green/yellow genes.

I have decided to move some of the chicks around so the highest number of chicks will survive. Sadly Athena and Otis's first chick got out of the egg but it didn't survive. Athena and Otis's second chick hatched today. I have decided to put it in with Violet. She is a great hen with young chicks. That means I had to move Zeus and Violet's well Violets yellow chick because the age difference is to high. Violet would feed the stronger chick no questions asked. So I moved Violet's chick in with Bell. Bell has young chick and has a couple more eggs to hatch but she is great at giving the food to all chicks big and small. So to recap...

Zeus and Violet's nest Still has four eggs. And violet is fostering Otis and Athena's chick.

Otis and Athena's nest has two eggs left.

Dusty and Bell's nest has four eggs. And three chicks. Two of the chicks are Dusty and bell's and Bell is fostering Violet's yellow chick.

Alba and Eddy are bonding.

Horus and Ginger seem to be coming out of condition. Ginger is usually a great foster hen. I may have to put some chicks in with her.

Petey and Stella's nest has all five of their own chicks