Bridget's Budgies


(Sunny) had an exam this morning with the avian vet and she said "this is an exceptional budgie!"  The vet asked to "borrow" my budgie to show him to everyone who worked there.

Thank you
Joan MA


Hi Bridget,

I wanted to give you an update on our parakeet we purchased from you at 
the end of October.

Peanut can now say his name, do the wolf whistle, and say 'pretty boy'. 
He will come out of his cage when I say 'come see me' and when I say 
'kisses', he'll come out and nibble on my lip or let me kiss him on his 

Today, he started trying food in my hand when I say 'mmmmm'.

Though he doesn't like getting on anyone's finger, he will climb onto 
our shirt.

Thanks so much for Peanut!



My wife and I made the trek to New Hampshire today to pick up our new chick so we met Bridget and she graciously showed us her flock. Her setup is professional and clean, the birds all look extremely well cared for, and we were impressed with everything, most of all Bridget herself who even provided us a "bird certificate" with our chick.

Thank you Bridget for being an extremely gracious and caring professional breeder. You took the time to make us feel special in an era where so many transactions are impersonal and short. The time you spent with us demonstrated to me the type of care you provide your birds and we want you, and all of the Talk Budgie forum people to be aware of your wonderful birds and your dedication to their health.

Ted ME


Hello Bridget,

Just thought I would give you a update. Olivia is so cute and cuddly. I can't tell you how happy we all are to have her in our lives. She is a millions times tamer than Ricky-rick our store bought parakeet. She rides around on my sons shoulders like she was born for it. Thank you for breeding suck a wonderful pet for us.

Annie NH



I have to say that purchasing a Budgie from your aviary was a very nice experience so nice that I didn’t stop with one.  When I got my first budgie and brought him (Danny) to the vet for an exam, my vet said, that he was very healthy and had very healthy bacteria in him, and she was very impressed because of his young age.  So than I noticed that Danny was speaking and chattering with words that he was learning from my other birds I have (cockatiels) and talking to the bird in the mirror.  I thought maybe he’s lonely and so I got another budgie from you so that Danny could have a friend, and I named him Joey.  He is just as healthy as Danny, but Joey is my dominant one, he has to make sure he is in charge at all times, he will never hurt Danny but just lets him know that he’s the boss.  Well than I saw you had a green budgies and I really wanted one in the color green so there I was at your aviary again picking up another budgie and I named him Korey.  So now I have three Budgies from your aviary and Joey and Korey became very chummy and that leaves Danny alone again.  I called you and decided to get another Budgie from you but this time I got an adult one from you that is also a boy so I named him Bojangles.  They are all the sweetest most loving budgies and so now our little Budgie family seems complete.  Oh by the way, Joey and Bojangles are so chummy and friendly that they feed and preen each other all day long.  Joey, also has learned to  talk and he talks to Bojangles looking right straight in his face.  He says, pretty bird, I love you and good boy.  Between Danny and Joey talking either to themselves or to one of the others I’m hoping that the other two Korey and Bojangles, will learn to talk also besides chattering, but if they don't I know that they are just so happy together. Bridget, thank you so much for breeding such wonderful, happy and healthy budgies. Each one have their own individual personality’s and are so very sweet, and I’m so very grateful to you

Lynda Manchester, NH


      The keets are doing great, bianco and dustin have hit it off
great, they act a pair of adults, feeding and preening each other. 
Victor NH


Mulligan is getting along with Creamy wonderfully. He is such a love bug. I still can't believe how tame he was when I picked him up. I'm hoping to teach him how to talk. It's looking promising though, he loves spending time will me.
Lilly ME


     The budgies are settling in well. My daughter Kelly has
decided to name them Puffy and Turtle. I hope she changes her mind lol.
I have to hand it to you, you know how to breed tameness into your birds.
The two little guys are calm and collected. Thanks so much for all of your
information and willingness to answer my many questions.
Jill Boston MA


Hello, Bridget I got a bird from you in December, and he is doing great, thank you so much for all of your help! He loves to play with his toys and sit on my shoulder while I do homework, he has never bit me and we haven't had any health issues so far, and he is more friendly than I thought birds could be.  We have decided that we would like to get another bird to keep him company.




We adopted a budgie from you recently and named him Scooter. You’ve done an excellent job hand taming him, he’s not afraid of people, he now comes out of the cage himself and has no fear with new toys. Thank you again. 

Laura MA


 Hi Bridget!

I wanted to thank you for our little chick Pepper.  Everyone in our family has fallen in love with him (I'm sure Blueberry will too, after quarantine :-D)  It was such a pleasure doing business with you.  Not only were you professional, but also very quick in response to any answers to questions I had.  I was so happy to see he came from such a well cared for aviary and loving breeder.  I wouldn't hesitate recommending your aviary to anyone.  In fact, when we're ready for another one, I'll be back :-)

Thank you again!!