Bridget's Budgies

My Birds 

Here you will be able to see a photo and color mutation information for each bird in my flock. I have also provided a list of the birds that will be paired up during the breeding season. The chicks color mutations are listed under each breeding pair. Keep in mind there are hidden genes that can pop up unexpectedly. This information might be useful if you are looking for a specific color mutation.

Breeding Pairs

Oran and Lena

Pete and Henna

                         Cocks                                               Hens


Oran 100% American

Appearance: Lutino


Chicks Mutations: Lutino maybe albino

 Name: Lena 100% American

Appearance: Albino


Name: Pete 100% American

Appearance: Normal, dark green

Split: ino, cinnamon, opaline and blue

Chick Mutations: Normal,  lacewing females and opaline females, green and blues,  yellow face

Name: Henna 75% English 25% American

Appearance: Normal, cinnamon, violet